Linz Traveling 101

Many times I've gotten on a long flight to California or even London and am flabbergasted to see women in nice dresses, pants or anything remotely constricting. Any flight longer than 3 hours and you can bet your bippy I'll be in the mushiest ensemble possible. [See Photo]


Case in point: our 11 hour flight to Hawaii for my 40th birthday. I even SMH at my husband in his jeans. PJ'S ALL DAY HELLOOOOO! I have traveled a lot for work and not-work, and in that process I've established a few rules for myself. Anytime I don't follow them I always end up pissed off. So, here they are in case they help you!

  • Never travel without a hoodie. And no, a cardigan doesn't count. I tried that-- see above mention of being pissed off. (I actually took TWO + a sweatshirt to Hawaii and was overjoyed I did.) 
  • Always travel with a nice fluffy scarf. It can double as a blankie and a wrap when you go out. Triple duty! 
  • Always travel with (or in) a cozy sweatpant-like item. It doesn't matter if you're going somewhere warm, hotel rooms can be cold! I promise it's smart. 
  • Try to pack in a carry-on whenever possible. I hated that I couldn't on this Hawaii trip (too long, too many climates) but really, it's life-changing to just grab your bag and go. 
  • Find a way to cram in your sneaks. New Balance makes some super lightweight ones that fit in backpacks. I'm always glad I have a comfy shoe in case a hike or fun exercise scenario is presented. 
  • If packing in a carry-on, get a large backpack or duffel as your "personal item." This way, you can stick your purse inside it while boarding but also shove in other stuff that didn't fit in your suitcase like makeup or toiletries (if 3oz). Then, you also have an extra bag with you while traveling! 

That's my travel bible. What's yours?  

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