Even though I've lived here for 17 years, I still am surprised and sometimes delighted by snow, especially the first one of the season. We actually missed the real first ones while we were in Hawaii (I was not mad at that) so when I pulled up the shades today and saw the powdery white flakes covering the neighborhood I was like a giddy little kid. Until I went outside. It's seriously cold AF. 


I went full-on snow bunny with my OOTD since I figured layers would be a good idea and I love the idea of a semi-monochrome winter white situation. The cream colored knit top I got at Aritzia at least 3 years ago. It's amazing how something basic and not that exciting can truly become one of your favorite pieces. This one is definitely up there! 

I layered this yummy fuzzy vest I found in Oxford, MS last Christmas over the top. While I LOVE this vest, for some reason it only seems to look cute when paired with another light color. Whenever I try it over something more contrasty it just looks weird. I don't get it but as long as it works, I'll wear it!

Of course, on the bottom, is LEGGINGS! Huge surprise to no one. These brown faux-leather beauties are yet another pair from Aritzia. They're about $100 but I swear they will outlive all of us. They're seriously genius. 


As I said before—probably in my last post but I'm too lazy to look— when it's this cold outside you'll never catch me out in any boots that aren't shearling or fur/faux-fur lined. They are a toe-saving miracle! These clogs are shockingly by UGG and I got them like 6 years ago when copying my friend Candice. They are constructed so well, they literally have shown no signs of wear except for making the leather more rugged, which I dig. And for warmth and flare, I dug out this crazy fur muff my mom gave me as a gift probably 10 years ago. I felt a little ridiculous but also like I was some celebrity cruising around Aspen, so that was fun. I may have to bust her out again soon!

OutFIt or LeaveIT?: Clearly I love all these items and have worn them all a ton! I'd like to try to figure out how to wear the vest with more pieces, so if you have any ideas, I'm all ear-muffed ears. 

Thanks to my rad hubs Danno for these wonderful pics! 

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